This Amazon Find Is a Cooking Game Changer — and It’s Only $39

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Only recently did I realise how cooking for one could be such a great form of self-care. Bringing attention and intention to the act of making a meal to nourish my body has done wonders for helping me focus my mind, as well as increase the positive feelings I have towards myself.

That said, I do always appreciate a cooking shortcut. As much as I try to enjoy calming my busy mind with slicing and dicing, if there’s a way to make it happen any quicker, I’ll take it.

Enter: a veggie chopper. Apologies if I’m terribly behind in the cooking hacks game and you already knew about choppers ages ago, but I only just found out there’s about them and I know they’ll be a game-changer in my cooking routine.

I was introduced to the manual (also, super affordable) chopper by one of my favourite cleaning and cooking hack creators @carolina.mccauley. In a video she shared, the mother-of-two wrote, “Let me show you my new obsession. Perfectly diced veggies with no skill required.”

While I couldn’t find McCauley’s actual chopper available on Amazon in Australia, I did find that the e-tailer stocks a range of them, with some costing upwards of $140. One that caught my eye for its sleek shape, whopping 3,345 reviews and, of course, price tag, is the OXO Good Grips Vegetable Chopper, $39.71.

The chopper can be used for both fruits and veggies, has a removable grid to help you clean between the blades and has a lid specially designed to give you leverage when chopping.

“So easy to use and clean and the quality is really good,” one customer wrote. “Have used for all sorts of vegetables and haven’t had any that it couldn’t cope with yet.”

“It literally does everything I throw at it, mushrooms, carrots, celery, onions, even some small potatoes (very small new potatoes!),” wrote another.

And another said that though they did use a mini electric chopper for fine-chopping foods like garlic, it was this chopper they used for all their other chopping and slicing needs.

So, there you have it, loads of positive reviews and a dedicated story praising it. Could a veggie chopper be actually the time-saving gadget you’re needing?

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