6 of the Best-Tasting, Easy-to-Make Hot Chocolates

best hot chocolate

There’s something magical about cosying up with a steaming mug of hot chocolate on a chilly day. The rich, velvety goodness envelops your taste buds, providing comfort and solace. It’s the perfect winter cure.

While there are countless options available, we have done all the hard work to find the best packet of hot chocolate in Australia. Through careful research and (lots) of taste testing, here are the top-notch brands that will elevate your hot chocolate experience to new heights.

best hot chocolate

Koko Black 

Let’s start with the masters of chocolate themselves, Koko Black. Nothing beats a steaming, rich cup of Koko Black chocolate. Crafted with premium quality cocoa and expertly blended, it boasts a rich, velvety texture that envelops your palate. With its intense chocolate flavour and smooth finish, any of Koko Black’s hot cocoa flavours is a divine indulgence that guarantees pure bliss in every sip. Try the salted caramel hot cocoa, dark chocolate, or for a kick, chilli hot cocoa.

best hot chocolate

Sacred Taste

You won’t find this drinking chocolate on Woolies shelves, rather you’ll have to do some searching for it in specialty shops or order it online, but it’s worth it. Sacred Taste is a wild-crafted organic drinking cacao that’s less about sugar and more about wellness.

Not only is Sacred Taste ethically sourced and free from chemicals, but this cacao also provides more magnesium than any other food, supporting energy production. The flavours include matcha, rose, and chilli cocoa.

best hot chocolate

Cadbury Drinking Chocolate

Cadbury, a name synonymous with chocolatey delights, brings forth its Drinking Chocolate to create a heavenly cup of warmth. Made with a generous blend of cocoa and sugar, this classic packet of hot chocolate dissolves effortlessly in hot milk. Each sip unveils a smooth and creamy texture with a chocolate flavour that’s hard to resist. Add some mini marshmallows to the top and enjoy.

best hot chocolate

Messina Hot Chocolate Kits

Much like Michael Bublé, Messina’s hot chocolate kits only come out in winter. And as Bublé says, “It’s a beautiful day” when that time comes. The Messina hot chocolate kits contain everything you need to create an expertly crafted cup of hot choc at home. Inside, you’ll find 65% dark chocolate blocks, handmade in Marrickville HQ with Ecuadorian cocoa, and a Steve Gavan-illustrated mug.

best hot chocolate


One would argue Milo is a hot chocolate drink, so we’ve decided to throw it in this list for good measure and because we can’t pass up a cup of Milo: Ever. The nutrient-rich, low GI, choc malt powder is an Aussie icon and can be found in just about any supermarket.

best hot chocolate


Avalanche is another Australian brand you might recognise from supermarket shelves. The premium drinking chocolate, crafted with real Belgian chocolate, has a velvety smooth texture and a deep chocolate flavour. There is an adult and kids version; both are sugar-free.

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