What Your New Year’s Eve Drink Says About Your Personality

New Years Eve drinks

The year was 2000 BC. Wild elephants were tamed by the Indus civilization, chariots were invented in Russia, and Mentuhotep II controlled all of Egypt. But most importantly, around 2000 BC, Earth’s first known New Year’s Eve was recorded. 

This shindig took place in Mesopotamia and lasted for 11 days. They commemorated the new moon by performing a series of rituals. Since then, New Year’s Eve has morphed and shifted into the glug-fest that we know today. 

So, in honour of Ancient Mesopotamia, the passage of time, and the future, we’re going to detail five drinks that you might enjoy this New Year’s Eve. What’s more, we’re going to unpack what these drinks say about your personality. Good luck.

Rosé in a Wine Squealer

Solotel wine squealer
The Erko

In 2023, everyone and their dog wanted to become more sustainable. In 2024, this trend will likely continue. We all want less junk in our bins. We don’t want Earth’s demise on our conscience. Which brings us to the concept of wine squealers, a delectable way of consuming less stuff. 

For those not in the know, a wine squealer is a bottle designed to be filled and then refilled with wine. In Sydney, establishments such as The Abercrombie, The Erko, and Lil Sis all sell squealer refills. Not only do wine squealers save you from buying bottle upon bottle, they are also a joy to top up.

If you want to commemorate New Year’s Eve with a wine squealer, then we’d recommend a Solotel squealer that’s filled with rosé. This fruity drink says you’re a loose unit, but one that cares about Earth.

A Slab of Lager

Slab of Beer
Wil Stewart

Ah, lager, an Australian classic. Drinking this on New Year’s Eve says that you’re comfortable with your life, terrified of change, and didn’t win on Ladbrokes this week. Oh, you might also have a kid in 2024. Don’t ever claim we didn’t warn you.



It’s official: Non-alcoholic wines are here to stay. Over the past few years, more and more people have decided to stop drinking alcohol. Maybe they drank too much during COVID, maybe they hate hangovers, or maybe it was a huge social crutch. But regardless of their reasons, the market has heard their demands. The market has created a slew of scrumptious, non-alcoholic beverages. 

Now, with all of this in mind, let’s discuss NON 8, a blend of torched apple and oolong. The apple in this drink is fresh and zingy, while the oolong provides floral undertones. What’s more, there are some delightful other flavours in this drink.

According to Aaron Trotman, the founder of NON, this limited-edition beverage slays the game.

“I’d describe it as big, bold, and robust, one of the boldest in our range,” Totman said. “It builds beautifully in every sip, thanks to the ginger root and cacao-steeped verjuice. We go the extra mile to make the apple super nuanced and flavourful, and I think that really shows when you taste this drink.”

If you drink NON 8 on New Year’s Eve, you’re telling your mates that you’re classy, sophisticated, and going to wake up spry and early. Unlike them, you’re skipping a dank and sad hangover.

An Entire King’s Cup

King's cup
James Coleman

Oh mon Français, the king’s cup. A cup that’s filled to the brim with a concoction of wines, beers, spirits, and other clashing beverages. A drink that’s created by playing a convoluted and sexist card game. No mortal coil wants to drink the king’s cup, yet the kings cup must be consumed. 

To down a king’s cup on New Year’s Eve, you’re either 19 or wish to be 19. You’re chasing the folly of youth.

4 Pines Brewing Co’s Seaweed Beer

4 Pines Brewing Co's Seaweed Beer
4 Pines Brewing Co

Sometime in the future, Australia’s cows could be snacking on seaweed. This is because cows produce less methane if their diet is predominately seaweed, instead of grass, silage, or hay. However, what does this fact have to do with 4 Pines Brewing Co? Well, they wanted to bring awareness to this utopian vision, and they did so by making a beer.

In 2023, 4 Pines Brewing Co teamed up with Sea Forest to create a seaweed beverage. Sea Forest is best known for creating SeaFeed, a seaweed-based supplement for cows. This fact has been prominently displayed in 4 Pines Brewing Co’s marketing material.

So, if you’re wondering what this beer tastes like, then imagine a pilsner with an umami taste at the front. That’s right, this drink’s a tad salty and sweet.

If you drink this beer on New Year’s Eve, you’re someone who’s always up for an adventure. You don’t know what 2024 will hold, but you are stoked to dive in regardless.

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