Why It’s Worth Spending a Month Booze-Free This febfast 

febfast Australia is coming up, and that means thousands of people across Australia will be quitting alcohol, sugar, or another vice to raise money for disadvantaged youth. Designed to be a challenge, participants give something up in order to fundraise. The money earned is then donated to a number of services providing help for disadvantaged young people who are facing challenges like “mental health issues, abuse and neglect… not having a safe place to stay or relying on drugs to cope in this world.”

Not only is febfast for a great cause, though. Taking a month off alcohol is great for your body regardless. So why not do yourself a favour while helping others? Below you’ll find a breakdown of all the benefits you can expect to see after having a booze-free month. This just might be the motivation you need to jump in and take part in the challenge.

The Benefits of Quitting Alcohol for a Month

You’ll Drink Less

While quitting for a mere month might not sound like something that would alter your drinking habits altogether, a recent study from the University of Sussex suggests otherwise. “The researchers found that giving up alcohol for a month helped the participants reduce their number of drinking days later in the year,” Medical News Today reports. Not only did participants drink less once they started again, but the research also found that they got drunk less as well. No excessive drinking means no hangovers — sounds ideal!

You’ll Save Money

There’s no denying that drinking can get expensive. Whether you’re used to going out on the weekends, or buying bottles of wine to stock up at home, it all adds up. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average Australian household spends an average of $31.95 on alcohol per week. In just one month, that means you’ll save about $127 dollars by passing on the booze. 

If you’re accustomed to going out to bars or buying cocktails when you’re out to dinner, this number will likely be even higher, as a typical cocktail in Sydney rings in at about $20. 

You’ll Sleep Better

Drinking alcohol wreaks havoc on your sleep cycle, significantly reducing REM sleep, WebMD reports. Though it might seem to aid with sleep by helping you fall asleep faster, drinking actually does more harm than good when it comes to sleep quality. “Disruptions in REM sleep may cause daytime drowsiness, poor concentration, and rob you of needed ZZZs.”

Your Skin Will Look Better

In addition to being dehydrating, “drinking also lowers antioxidant defences in your skin and that makes your pretty little face more susceptible to things like sun damage and free radicals,” Allure reports. Better yet, quitting alcohol for even a short period of time can reduce your risk of developing skin problems later on. One study from the Australian Academy of Dermatology found that in addition to exacerbating other problems, drinking alcohol can lead to the development of rosacea. The more you drink, the more at risk you are.  

You Might Lose Weight

One of the most common benefits of going booze-free is weight loss. Alcohol packs a punch calorically; add to that the lack of nutritional value and it’s easy to see how drinking can be detrimental to your waistline. According to Priory Group, cutting alcohol for a month typically adds up to 3840- 4320 calories and while cutting booze alone might not leave you looking immediately shredded, Health reports that “you’ll certainly notice a difference.”