The Beauty Benefits of Using Sex Toys In Iso


Social distancing and self-isolation have changed our lives in many ways — especially when it comes to sex.

So, a sex toy could help keep you satisfied through this period of iso, while also providing a self-care outlet. And, while the benefits of getting yourself off with a toy might seem pretty self-explanatory, there is another impact that you might have not considered — the beauty benefits of masturbation are real.

According to sexologist, Chantelle Otten, self-pleasure can have numerous positive effects that are long-lasting.

“Extensive research has shown that women orgasm more quickly and easily with stimulation of their clitoris, in addition to any other sexual experiences like penetration,” Otten told TheLatch—.

“So while it’s often essential for physically helping women achieving orgasm, there are so many lesser-known physical health benefits of masturbation, but perhaps the most important — masturbation is an amazing way to relax your whole body and de-stress, as it reduces the stress hormone ‘cortisol’.

“By reducing cortisol in our body, self-pleasure aids in relaxing our muscles, particularly stress-induced tension, which can make self-pleasure particularly useful just before bed for a good night’s sleep. De-stressing has a myriad of positive flow-on effects for us physically. This includes offering support to your immune system, which is particularly important at the moment”

The beauty benefits are also amazing — and considering stress can ravage your skin — it’s a win-win situation.

Dermatologists have also referenced how stress can have a hugely negative impact on our skin due to its cause of inflammation in the body, which can physically show up in a variety of skin conditions including acne, wrinkles, and loads of other skin-related woes,” Otten said.

“Masturbation can also help skin, and during orgasm, your body releases nitric acid, which increases blood flow going to your face, giving you a fresh, after-glow effect (hello cute rosy cheeks).

“So for the ultimate beauty regime, I’d recommend you pop on a face mask, hit play on your favourite sensual playlist, and settle in for an evening of self-pleasure!”


According to Otten, masturbation is a super easy, safe and pleasurable way to practise self-care, especially while in iso.

“Now, maybe more than ever, it is increasingly important to stay connected with yourself,” she said.

“The current pandemic climate can be hugely anxiety-inducing for many of us, leaving people feeling largely overwhelmed, making it difficult to connect with and feel grounded in yourself.

“From a mental health perspective, de-stressing and grounding yourself through some quality self-pleasure can work wonders. Masturbation can also help elevate our mood, as arousal and excitement can be key to creating those happy hormones or endorphins in our bodies, and reduce those stress hormones (which we would all like lesser of at the moment) – something we could all no doubt use a boost of right now!”

If you haven’t bought a new toy for a while, Otten has you covered.

“Branching out into the world of sex toys is exciting and empowering!” said Otten.

“For premium clitoral stimulation I recommend Womanizer who have a selection of incredible products in their range suitable to all budgets and levels of experience. It’s a blessing to all clitorises.”


And, if you’re a newbie to the world of toys, here are a few recommendations.

“For those starting out with toys, the Womanizer Starlet is a bit smaller in size and super easier to operate with four levels of intensity to choose from,” said Otten.

“Its patented Pleasure Air Technology offers highly pleasurable touchless clitoral stimulation through pulsing airwaves that mimics oral sex with a gentle suction feeling to offer mind-blowing orgasms. Yep, multiple.

“Plus its stylish and sleek design is so beautiful you feel proud to leave it on the bedside table!”

Don’t be intimidated about trying out a new toy either, as these ones are really user-friendly.

“These products are widely loved for a good reason. For those who haven’t used toys before, exploring internal g-spot stimulation can be intimidating,” Otten said.

“Clitoral stimulation, on the other hand, is an easy, unintimidating and fun introduction to the world of toys, and with the clitoris being the only human organ designed specifically for pleasure (it has 8000 nerve endings designed to just make you feel GOOD) it makes perfect sense to start your self-pleasure journey here. Have fun!”

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