5 of the Most Hydrating and Nourishing Beard Oils

Justin Theroux

If you have any sort of facial hair, you should be keeping it hydrated with beard oil — which is basically like conditioner for your beard. Unlike the hair on your head, facial hair is a lot coarser and so needs a little more TLC to keep it healthy.

Beard oil can be applied on stubble but is usually recommended when hair growth starts to cover your skin. Layering on an oil product will help make your facial hair a lot softer and less spiky, making it more comfortable for you and a way more pleasant experience for the person kissing you.

It’s also important for preventing dryness that can lead to itching or dandruff and it even helps to promote beard growth. Many oils are scented with a pleasant aroma, so it’ll also make you smell nice. When applying beard oil, simply follow the instructions on the packaging of your chosen oil.

We’ve curated a list of beard oils below that will nourish and hydrate your facial hair, to have it looking and feeling its best.

Dilkara Conditioning Beard Oil

Made in Australia, this lightweight product contains a blend of seed, nut and fruit peel oils and is formulated to soften and condition facial hair while moisturising the skin underneath. This oil absorbs instantly and also gets rid of beard itch quickly thanks to its soothing qualities.

You can purchase this Conditioning Beard Oil via the Dilkara website. It costs $29.95.


The Bearded Chap Original Beard Oil

According to The Bearded Chap, its Original Beard Oil was the first beard specific product on the Australian market. Handcrafted and bottled in Brisbane, this product includes a unique combination of 11 base and essential oils that sink in quickly, hydrate your hair and skin and leave behind a spicy, citric aroma.

The Bearded Chap’s Original Beard Oil is made from 100% natural ingredients and has been designed to be used year-round. You can buy it via The Bearded Chap website for $39.95. There is also the option to sign up for an oil subscription, which can be delivered every 30, 60 or 90 days.


Scotch Porter Smoothing Beard Serum

Filled with avocado and jojoba seed oils, the Soothing Beard Serum by Scotch Porter locks in moisture and leaves your facial hair feeling smooth, shiny and frizz-free. It works particularly well on extremely dry, dull and coarse beards that need a lot of hydration.

The scent profile of this Beard Serum is masculine with a floral blend of carnation and subtle notes of sandalwood, powdery musk and spicy undertones.

Scotch Porter is based in the United States but you can purchase the Smoothing Beard Serum for $19.99 online as Scotch Porter offers international shipping.


Le Labo Beard Oil

This plant-based oil from Le Labo is formulated with sunflower, grapeseed and jojoba oils to protect, smooth and nourish facial hair and your skin. It’s also free from parabens, phthalates and artificial colourants. The scent profile is a mixture of classically fresh bergamot and lavender edged with the coolness of violet and tonka bean.

You can purchase the Le Labo Beard Oil via the Mecca website for $96.


Milkman Grooming Co Beard Oil

Based in Victoria, all of Milkman Grooming Co’s products are made by scientists here in Australia. Formulated with a blend of botanical oils like hemp seed and avocado, this product will “impregnate and coat your hair to seal in moisture and make it soft like a feather.” It’ll also help reduce itchiness and makes hair easier to style, should that be your vibe.

There are also a number of scents you can choose from when purchasing this Beard Oil, including King of Wood, a deeply masculine scent, Citrus Supernova, containing citrus and spice or the sweet and spicy Chai Latte. There’s also an unscented version too.

You can purchase this Beard Oil via for the Milkman Grooming Co website for $32.


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