These Kmart Massagers Will Ease Your WFH-Induced Back Pain

After eight months of working from dining room tables and sitting on chairs that aren’t designed to be used for longer than the length of dinner, you’re probably experiencing discomfort in your back and neck. It’s not ideal but we’ve all had to change the way we work this year and unfortunately, our body has born the brunt of this.

While you might be starting to spend a few more days in the office (and thus sitting in a proper ergonomic chair), it’ll take more than that to ease some of the pent-up stiffness in your upper body.

In order to treat sore muscles, you might consider investing in a massage device. While many of these devices often come with a large price tag and require space for storage, Kmart has a range of massagers that are both budget-friendly and can easily be packed away between uses.

Kmart’s Cordless Handheld Massager is a handheld battery-powered device that treats sore muscles and helps to improve blood circulation. The length of the device means you can use it on all areas of your back without help and is great for massaging out a sore lower back after a day of sitting. Shop this one for just $59.



Image: Kmart

Those dealing with sore necks can look no further than Kmart’s $8 Neck Massager which uses silicone balls to massage neck and back muscles. Target knots and pressure points with this handy device and ease any tech neck you might be experiencing.

According to one reviewer, this massager is a real winner, with Carli writing: “I have a neck issue and after 20 years finally found this amazing tool to ease the pain myself. Sooooo recommend this to anyone”.

Image: Kmart

For those who would simply prefer to sit and let a machine do its thing, Kmart has you covered. While investing in a massage chair might be a bit too far for the budget to stretch, there is a better option. Kmart’s Back and Thigh Massager costs $79 and helps to relieve aches, knots and muscle tension with four massage balls that provide a deep massage.

The device itself is foldable and can be placed onto any chair or lounge, so you could even reap the benefits while working. This also means it can be conveniently stored away when not in use, unlike a massive massage chair which demands prime real estate in your home.

Image: Kmart

For those still working from home, consider checking out these osteopath-approved hacks for making your home office a little healthier. If you are experiencing severe neck and back pain, make an appointment with your GP to discuss treatment options.

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