Reach Peak Millennial With This Avocado Subscription Delivered to Your Door


Avocados sit firmly in two camps. The first is the wellness world, where the humble fruit is lauded for its healthy fats and added to basically every smoothie and buddha bowl going. The second is the generation of millennials who supposedly traded house deposits for the weekly consumption of avocado toast at their favourite cafe.

No matter which camp you identify with, you’re probably an avid avocado consumer. According to Broadsheet, avocados are grown year-round in different parts of Australia but are not always available at the supermarket.

Now, Sydneysiders can skip the middle man completely and have trays of avos delivered to their door thanks to The Avo Club. Created by three cousins in Southern New South Wales, this avo subscription is delivered monthly and you can choose from a 12 pack or 10kgs — which is roughly about 30 to 40 avos, according to The Avo Club. You can also opt for a one-off order of six or 12 avos should you wish.

The variety of avos delivered in the subscription vary from more traditional Hass and Shepard avos to Fuerte (a deep green slim-necked avo), Bacon (a Mexican variety which has a nutty taste) and Sir Prize (dark black avo).

The best part about The Avo Club is the money-back guarantee, so you won’t be stuck with any brown or bruised avos.

The monthly subscriptions start at $48 for the 12 pack and $65 for the 10kg box. The one-off packs cost $35 for six avos, $54 for 12 and $70 for 10kg. The Avo Club is currently only available to those who live in Sydney, but the team is working on rural and regional delivery for the future.

Here’s to all of the avo toast and guacamole in our future.

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