Australian Red Cross Lifeblood Has Collaborated With 6 Aussie Artists on Post-Donation Bandages

Australian Red Cross Lifeblood requires more than 4,400 donations every single day, so if you’ve never given blood before, or simply have gotten out of the habit, consider rolling up your sleeve to donate.

In case you need a little more incentive, Lifeblood has teamed up with six Australian artists to create a range of arm bandages for donors to wear post-donation. With a variety of colours and designs, these bandages are now available to anyone who gives blood at Lifeblood donor centres until the end of November.

The “Flex Your True Colours” campaign is encouraging those who have just donated to share a selfie of their best flex on social media in order to show off their sweet new bandage. While you’re at it, nominate three of your friends to donate and tag @lifebloodau #LifebloodAU in the post.


The Aussie artists responsible for designing the new arm wear are Beci Orpin, Kenny Pittock, Georgia Perry, Brian Robinson, Chris Nixon and Gemma O’Brien. Each artist has chosen a colour and design they hope brings a smile to the donors face.

“Blood is the most precious gift that anyone can give to another person — the gift of life. I chose to be a part of this project because of its importance in bringing this life-giving elixir to people in need,” Robinson said of the collaboration.

“Most of us would give an arm and a leg to save someone’s life, but luckily there’s no need to do that when we can give blood instead,” Pittock said.

If you’re aged between 18-76, over 50kg, haven’t been overseas in the last 28 days and are feeling well, you’re eligible to donate blood. For one in three Aussies, donated blood is their lifesaver, so consider signing up for this life-giving act.

To see the entire bandage collection and to book your blood donation, head to the Australian Red Cross Lifeblood website. Otherwise, if you’ve had a tattoo in the last four months (which excludes you from blood donation), you can still donate plasma!

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