Get Your True Crime Fix With the New Season of ‘Australian Crime Stories’

Australian Crime Stories

International award-winning true-crime series, Australian Crime Stories is back for its fourth season.

Hosted by investigative journalist, broadcaster and author Adam Shand, the series will chase down fresh leads and reveal new evidence of some of Australia’s most notorious crimes.

Over the course of ten weeks, Shand — who calls on his 36 years of experience — will shine a spotlight on remarkable crimes that gripped the nation.

In the very first episode, an execution is caught on camera and a trail of CCTV evidence is exposed for the first time in the extraordinary chain of events that saw two former high-profile cops convicted of murder.

Former NSW detective Roger Rogerson, and his accomplice Glen McNamara, were convicted of a brutal homicide, however still maintain their innocence.

Then, there is the story of extortionist “Mr Brown”, who threatened to blow up a Qantas passenger plane if they did not pay him $500,000. The story will follow the money trail left by the criminal that ultimately led to his capture and unravelled his connection to two unsolved murders.

Another episode will follow ‘Lawyer X’, the saga that sparked a Royal Commission. Nicola Gobbo was the barrister who played on both sides of the law, two-timing the cops and the drug lords for fifteen years. Her tale is one of sex, power, corruption, gangland crime and murder.

The series will also shine a light on new evidence discovered in the unsolved murder of designer Florence Broadhurst, who was bludgeoned to death in her own factory. Evidence revealed will change the course of 40 years of investigations.

And finally, Australian Crime Stories will explore the evil motivations behind the car bombing outside Victoria Police HQ in 1986 that killed Constable Angela Taylor and injured 22 others.

Australian Crime Stories premieres Wednesday, September 16 at 8.30 pm on Nine and 9Now.