It’s an Aquarius New Moon — Which Means What Exactly?

aquarius new moon

By now, you’ve definitely realised that Mercury is in retrograde — how could you not? What you may not have realised, is that today is a new moon. You know, the ones you should be setting intentions to? To get even more specific, it’s an Aquarius new moon.

So what does that even mean? Well, let’s get started with the new moon. Essentially, it’s an astrological blank slate. It’s the perfect time to set those aforementioned intentions, along with goals and big-picture plans (just maybe not travelling, quite yet). An even better thing to do is participate in a ritual that will help lock those things into place. We’re talking journalling, visualisations, therapists, the like.

So what about the Aquarius of it all? Well, regardless of what the name suggests, they’re actually air signs. Oh, and they like to chafe against convention (see renowned Aquarius: Harry Styles). They’re also politically inclined and humanitarian — and this Aquarius new moon will be putting a spotlight on human rights and revolutionary change.

More specifically, the new moon is likely to bring forth welcoming of more diversity and confirmation of intuitive messages — something that’s needed in this politically turbulent times (see: Trump impeachment, Pete Evans considering a Senate run).

Never fear though, our ability to enact meaningful change will shift along with the new moon — so sign that petition, support that cause, educate yourself on matters close to home (like the anniversary of the National Apology).

If you hadn’t noticed, Valentine’s Day is coming up this weekend. Which is a lovely way to celebrate your partner or a loved one — but the Aquarius new moon is suggesting you take it even further than that. According to mindbodygreen, “This lunar lift can point you to groups of people who share your interests.” Maybe it’s a hobby or two, some art therapy, or reading. If you’ve got entrepreneurial spirit, remember that you don’t have to do it alone.

Beyond that, the new moon is about embracing yourself, and your uniqueness — even in terms of love. Embrace how you relate to others, love others, and how you like being loved. Conversations about this are important too — just be aware of temperatures flaring up. Shape suggests that this new moon is “an especially charmed time to prioritise, nurture and celebrate love and friendship”.

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