The Results Are In: Your Favourite ALDI Product Is the Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment

For this year’s People’s Picks Awards, the team at ALDI handed the reins over to you in order to decide what Australia’s most loved product was in 2020. There were 10 categories including beauty, health, cleaning products and kids snacks and you were given the chance to vote for your favourite of the bunch.

ALDI received over 300,000 votes in the People’s Picks Awards and after tallying all of the entries, the overall winner has been identified as the Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment. Not only did this product win the beauty category but it took out the top spot with the most votes overall.

This little red tube of goodness is enriched with paw paw and macadamia nut oil, which moisturises dry and rough skin, while also helping to maintain and restore your skin’s natural moisture levels. You can also use this ointment as a topical treatment for cuts, minor burns, thorns, nappy rash and sunburns. And, it’s also a great lip balm (but you already knew that). All that for just $2.79 a tube.

Other winners included Forresters Natural Almonds for the health category and Beautifully Butterfully Salted Butter as “The MVP” product.

Image: ALDI

“We work closely with local growers, producers and partners every day to create and supply products that deliver on taste, quality and value,” ALDI’s shopping expert, Nicole Higgins, said in a statement.

“Once a product is on the shelf, we are certain that it is of the highest quality, for a fraction of the price. The People’s Picks is our way of saying ‘you don’t have to take our word for it!’

“This year’s picks are excellent recommendations and certainly items that should be on everyone’s shopping list! We love seeing our customers share their rave reviews after a trip to ALDI and we can’t wait to hear what Aussies think about this year’s list.”

The beauty category, called The Daily Glow, had a shortlist 10 products that are firm favourites amongst ALDI shoppers. These included the Lacura Beauty 24hr Waterproof or Volume Mascara, Lacura Naturals Anti-Aging Face Care Day Cream and Lacura Revive Intensive Serum – Moisture Boost.

Had the Essential Health Paw Paw Ointment not scooped the trophy as the best beauty product, Lacura’s Revive Intensive Serum – Moisture Boost would have been our winner. The lightweight serum helps to maintain your skin’s hyaluronic acid levels, which is important for skin’s resistance and helps reduce the visible signs of ageing. At just $10.99, it’s a true steal.

To explore the full list, head to the ALDI website.

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