Aldi’s Fitness Massage Gun Is the Antidote to Sore Muscles

Massage Gun

If you’ve ever wanted to try an exercise massage gun but couldn’t justify the $500 price tag, Aldi has the goods. In its latest Special Buys catalogue, the retailer is selling a Fitness Massage Gun for $89.99 — a much more affordable option.

Massage guns have gained popularity in recent years and are lauded for the ability to reduce muscle soreness after a workout. These devices offer percussive or vibration therapy, which according to CNN, provides “rapid bursts of pressure into the body’s muscle tissue”.

These machines can increase blood flow to a specific muscle area, which helps to reduce inflammation and tension. The device can also help break up any knots that you experience after exercising. It’s not only useful for post-workout though, as you can use it to help warm up your muscles before an intense workout as well.

Image: Aldi

Aldi’s Fitness Massage Gun provides strong percussion massage thanks to a high torque motor and includes three massage intensities. It also comes with five interchangeable massage heads, so you can cater the head to the specific body part that needs massaging.

If you’re looking to upgrade your home gym, Aldi’s latest catalogue is worth taking a look as it also includes a Spin Bike for $199 and a Boxing Tower and Bag for $199. There is also a bunch of activewear for men and women too, with prices starting at $7.99.

These items go on sale in-store at Aldi on Saturday, August 15. You’ll have to get in quick as there is only limited stock available!

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