Aldi’s Latest Special Buys Includes a Blackhead Remover and Facial Brush for Your Best Skin Yet

While skincare products are key to taking care of your complexion, it’s always handy to have some outside help from beauty tools. Buying a facial brush or the like can be an investment and with so many expenses at this time of year, it’s understandable if the budget simply won’t stretch that far.

Thankfully, the reliable folks at Aldi have well and truly delivered when it comes to beauty tools. In its latest Special Buys drop, there are beauty tools for your face, a handy makeup brush cleaner and if you’re on the hunt for grooming tools, a bunch of those too.

While extracting your own blackheads is a no-no due to the high chance you’ll scar your skin, not everyone can dash out to a facialist to have said extractions dealt with on a regular basis. This is when a tool like the Lacura Beauty Blackhead Remover from Aldi comes in handy.

The battery-operated device comes with four interchangeable heads to help clear pores and actively exfoliate the skin. Get rid of stubborn blackheads and blemishes with the help of this device, which will only set you back $16.99.

Image: Aldi

In the same Special Buys catalogue, the retailer is also selling a Facial Brush and Body Cleanser, which comes with six attachments including a body brush for all over-exfoliating and a soft sponge to gently massage your face in order to increase skin elasticity.

For just $14.99, this battery-operated device is the perfect tool to add to your self-care routine and would also make a great gift for Christmas.

Image: Aldi

Other great gift ideas include the Lacura Beauty Make Up Brush Cleaner for $16.99. This device allows you to clean and dry makeup brushes in just 30 seconds, which means you can use them straight after cleaning.

As for grooming gifts, look no further than the Back and Body Hair Trimmer, which has a long arm that allows the user to tackle hard to reach places. There is also the Rapid Hair Clippers for $29.99, which comes with nine different-sized comb guides or the Premium Men’s Shaver for $39.99, which can be used for wet and dry shaving.

Image: Aldi

All of these goodies go on sale in Aldi stores on Saturday, December 5. Given the time of year and general popularity of Aldi, these items probably won’t last long so you’ll have to get in quick!

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