Increase the Intensity of Your Next HIIT Sesh With This Agility Ladder from Target

Agility Ladder

An agility ladder does just that: helps you become more agile. It’s a functional tool used to help improve speed, endurance and performance and it can be used for a number of different drills.

If you’re unable to get to the gym, or just prefer home workouts, this is an inexpensive way to add some variation to your exercise routine. You simply lay the ladder down on the ground and you can get to work straight away.

While it’s a fairly simple piece of equipment, it helps you to improve your speed (moving in one direction as fast as possible), agility (your ability to change directions) and quickness (to react quickly), which makes it a popular exercise for footballers who have to be quick on their feet.

Drill style workouts are also great for your heart health, as it’s a cardiovascular exercise that gets the blood pumping as well as your mental sharpness. Using the ladder requires both concentration and coordination fixed both on the ladder and how your body is moving in relation to the equipment.

This Lonsdale Agility Ladder is currently being sold at Target for only $29. It’s lightweight and comes with a carry bag, so you can take it down to the park or training ground should you want a change of scenery whilst working out. It also comes with steel pegs to secure it onto the ground.

Lonsdale Agility Ladder
Image: Target

If you haven’t used an agility ladder before, Youtube is the best place to find workouts and drills that involve the ladder. Add on a quick ladder drill session to your next HIIT workout to reap the agility benefits.

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