Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist Depicts What It’s Like to be a Psychic Medium

Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist

Back in February, Stan released a quirky-new musical drama, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.

Based on a whip-smart computer coder, Zoey Clarke (Jane Levy), the story centres on her story after an incident in an MRI machine magically causes her to hear people’s innermost wants and desires through popular songs.

The all-singing, all-dancing dramedy, which also stars Lorelai Gilmore a.k.a Lauren Graham and Sandy Cohen a.k.a Peter Gallagher, is filled with tearjerking emotional plotlines and romantic twists and turns. It’s the perfect guilty pleasure and my kind of show!

But watching this series took on a very different meaning for me recently after an episode saw Zoey help her friend Mo (Glee alum Alex Newell), a fabulous drag queen, find his truth and perform in the church choir, exactly as who he is.

It’s here that I realised that I have a lot in common with Zoey and it all comes down to how she “sees” people.

If you’ve read my author bio, you may have noticed an interesting fact about me. I’m a psychic medium.

While this term can take on many different forms for many different psychics, for me it means possessing all the qualities of what we call the “clairs”.

To give you a bit of background:

I see “visions” which I call “messages” that come to me like seeing a memory — this means that I am “clairvoyant” (and yes, I am quite predictive).

I feel emotions and feelings, which makes me “clairsentient”, and I also get messages that manifest like a thought being popped into my mind — this makes me “clairaudient”.

As part of my repertoire, I also get feelings of “knowing” which makes me “claircognisant” — and then there’s the real kicker. A lot of these messages come from people who have passed away, which makes me a medium.

If you think about it, Zoey’s “magical” powers are very similar to mine (even though I don’t consider it magic) — including the best part, helping people.

Each episode, Zoey helps the people in her life by listening to their thoughts through song (which by the way, I cannot do although that would be amazing) and then she acts on it by giving them advice and setting them in the right direction.

And this is exactly what I do.

Whenever I read for someone, I pick up on their thoughts, feelings, specific people in their life, specific events and even future ones, and help them make sense of it all.

Just by looking at someone I can see if they’re anxious and where they feel that anxiety, I can see specific ailments and even pick up if someone is pregnant.

It’s all very fascinating — even for me!

People often ask me what it’s like to be able to “see”, and in all honesty, Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist sums it up perfectly.

WATCH: The official trailer for Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist.