Apparently Yoko Ono Sold a Cow for $250k, So There’s That


In other news of WTAF 2020, it has been revealed that former Beatles WAG (and arguably the one who broke them up), Yoko Ono, once sold a cow for $250,000.

According to crime writer, James Paterson in a new book released this month, John Lennon’s controversial wife invested some of his vast fortunes into cattle.

The Last Days of John Lennon follow the famous band and the events of December 8, 1980, when the famed star was gunned down by an unhinged fan, Mark Chapman, in New York City.

Paterson revealed that Ono had invested her husband’s (approximately) $150 million fortune into property, art and yes, Holstein cows.

In an interview with Playboy before his death, Lennon had talked about the cattle that he and his wife had purchased. Reportedly all $6 million worth of them.

“Sean [Lennon’s son] and I were away for a weekend and Yoko came over to sell this cow and I was joking about it,” he told the outlet. “We hadn’t seen her for days; she spent all her time on it. But then I read the paper that said she sold it for a quarter of a million dollars. Only Yoko could sell a cow for that much.”

While fans of the superband blamed Ono for the disintegration of their favourite group, author Paterson disagreed.

“People incorrectly blamed her for breaking up The Beatles,” he said in an interview with insidehook.com after the release.

“I think John was just ready to move on. He wanted to make more serious art. He was always inclined that way, and I think that’s why he chose to be with Yoko. I think that John’s the reason the band broke up. Not Yoko.”

Lennon, 40, was entering his luxury Manhattan apartment building when Chapman shot him four times at close-range. The singer was rushed to hospital but died en route.

He was survived by wife Ono, son Sean and the three founding members of his band: Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and George Harrison.

The Beatles are the most popular musical group of the 20th century and had hits such as Hard Days Night, Please, Please Me, When I’m 64 and I Want to Hold Your Hand.

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