Sad Desk Lunch No More: Recipes to Make When You’re WFH


The sad desk lunch is an all too common experience. But, for those currently working from home, you have a temporary reprieve from boring lunch purgatory. And,  that’s at least one thing worth embracing.

We rounded up a handful of lunches that you can make whilst working from home and are best consumed away from your laptop. These recipes are quick, easy and most importantly, not at all sad.

Omelette & salsa

Queer Eye’s resident food expert, Antoni Porowski, has been uploading a cooking series to Instagram called ‘Quar Eye: Cooking Lessons in Quarantine’. His first lesson was a simple omelette served with black bean salsa — made using canned beans.

While an omelette isn’t groundbreaking by any means, there is a lot to be said about good quality, simple food. And, this humble but delish recipe is super easy to whip up during your lunch break.

A snack plate

For those days where you feel peckish, but nothing really jumps out at you, try a snack plate. You can get as elaborate as you want with the contents of said snack plate because working from home gives you that luxury!

Take a leaf out of Bon Appétit drinks editor Alex Delaney’s book and go for a wide variety of food on your plate. To be completely honest, we’re not completely sure about the sausage/mustard/cheese combo but it’s great for inspiration. Whatever floats your boat!

Salad sanga

While a sandwich might appear to be the epitome of a sad desk lunch, a boujee salad sandwich is definitely not. Take some inspiration from Heidi Sze and slather up two slices of good quality sourdough with pesto (otherwise hummus, avo or mayo also work well — it’s up to you).

Then, grab whatever fresh salad you have in the fridge — grated carrot, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, red onion — and layer on the bread. Finish it off with a few slices of cheese and sliced pickles (yum!). Easy but so damn good.

Flatbread pizza

Make a quick and easy pizza using the wraps sitting in your bread box, inspired by Jessica Sepel’s version below. Simply spread some tomato paste on the bread (should you want a more traditional pizza), load it up with your favourite toppings (and sprinkle with cheese. Pop it under the grill to cook and you’re done.

Pimped up toast

For those of you who are avocado toast devotees, we might have something that’ll sway you. These Dilly Beans and Peas on Ricotta Toast by Molly Baz for Basically uses canned beans (perfect for using those cans hanging around in your pantry). And, if you don’t have some of the ingredients, there are a bunch of substitutes you can use instead listed below.

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