Anastacia Was Behind Vampire and is the Winner of ‘The Masked Singer Australia!’

It’s hard to believe The Masked Singer is over. It feels like yesterday the show premiered, and what a season it’s been. From Kyle Sandilands making a surprise appearance to Macy Gray hiding behind Atlantis, the latest instalment of the entertainment show has proven to be completely unexpected.

It’s allowed us to put our thinking caps on as we analysed and deep-dived into the clues we were given. While some were quite obvious (ahem, Jack Vidgen anyone?), others were totally out of the blue.

The grand finale had three characters remaining: Vampire, Mullet and Dolly. Three talented individuals that we viewers just couldn’t wait to unmask. But in the end, it was one that came out on top.

Vampire AKA Anastacia has been crowned the winner of The Masked Singer Australia 2021, joining Bonnie Anderson and Cody Simpson in the hall of fame. She sang banger after banger such as Fancy and Cheap Thrills, and after speaking to each of the contestants from this year’s season, they all admitted that performing in costume was no easy feat.

Yet Anastacia made it look so effortless as she pranced around on stage belting out the high notes. It was a close call as Dolly, who was revealed to be Em Rusciano and Mullet who was Axle Whitehead both put up a great fight, delivering explosive performances.

Congratulations to the Left Outside Alone singer!

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia

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