Win a LG Cordless Vacuum With a Self-Emptying Dock, Worth $1700

LG Vacuum

While cleaning could hardly be labelled ‘fun’ (though I do often find it therapeutic), it can be made a lot more enjoyable by using a cutting-edge appliance. Like, say, a LG CordZero A9 Handstick Vacuum with All-In-One Tower. Which comes with a handy — and more importantly, discreet — docking station that’ll let you store, empty and charge the device.

Released in November 2021, the vacuum was called a “game-changer for household cleaning”, by LG Electronics Australia’s Marketing Manager for Home Appliances, Shannon Tweedie.

“We are excited to bring this product to consumers as it addresses everything Aussies dislike about vacuuming — whether it be lacklustre battery life, emptying the dustbin, discreet storage or finding the many accessories we need for different surfaces,” she said.

“I personally dislike having to empty the dustbin before or after a clean, so I am certain that we will all now clean like a pro thanks to this clever self-cleaning functionality.”

The way it works is that dust and other particles are automatically emptied when the vacuum is placed on the docking station to charge, going into a “dust storage bag” that you can easily replace once full. The benefit of this system is that the particles are hygienically disposed of, so they won’t re-enter the air during the emptying process and ruin all your hard work.

Keen to get your hands on one? Fortunately, we’ve got one to give away. Simply tell us in 25 words or less: What’s your favourite cleaning hack, and why?

This competition has now closed. Good luck!

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