Reject the Summer Sweats by Winning This 75-Inch TV

Win a TCL Mini LED 4K Google TV

Summer: A season of perspirating, lying on your floor, and wishing that you’d become a cold winter wind. A season where it’s too hot to do anything productive, so you lament with a few ice cubes running across and down your back. 

On such days, wouldn’t it be nice not to do anything? To instead sit inside and be distracted by a 75-inch display TV? 

Well, thanks to us, such a dream might soon become your reality. For we’re giving away a 75-inch TCL Mini LED 4K Google TV, in order to give this season a sparkle. 

Win the 75″ TCL TV (The Latch)

What’s more, this TV is no ordinary prize. It has an Ultra 4K HD and IMAX Enhanced display. It has all of your favourite streaming apps in one place. This piece of tech even features a built-in subwoofer, a 144Hz variable refresh rate, and Dolby Atmos sound tech.

However, that’s not all this bad boy can do. If you have littlies, it has a kids-safe mode that’ll protect them from your HBO addiction. You can also use this TV to make calls and take screenshots.

According to numerous online reviews, this TV is easily a five-star product. 

“I have had this TV for about three weeks,” wrote one stoked customer. “I am very happy with it. It was easy to set up. The picture is excellent, and it is easy to navigate through the apps.”

Win a TCL Mini LED 4K Google TV

Therefore, this Google TV is a premium escape from this summer’s sun. To say that it is the ultimate station for your movies, games, and sports, well, that would be a tragic understatement.

If you want to win this $3999 TV, doing so is super easy. Enter your details below to go in the running to win a 75-inch TCL Mini LED 4K Google TV. Best of luck.

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