Alex Duggan Wins ‘The Traitors’ 2022

alex duggan wins the traitors 2022

It’s been a wild season of The Traitors, but Alex Duggan has been crowned the winner, taking home $250,000 in silver bars in the process.

Originally picked as a Faithful, Duggan was recruited to become a mid-season Traitor after two OG Traitors — Angus and Claire — were banished from the game (with a little help from Nigel and Marielle, the other two OG Traitors).

Nigel and Marielle’s plan was to use Alex as a shield, protecting themselves from banishment as they deflected suspicion onto her, but alas, things just… didn’t work out that way. Rather, Alex helped to banish both of them from the game in back-to-back Banishment Ceremonies, and then recruited Kate as the season’s final Faithful-turned-Traitor.


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Going into the finale, the Faithful had been whittled down to just two surviving players, Lewis and Craig. With two Traitors, in Alex and Kate, left in the game also, the Faithful had their work cut out for them.

The final challenge was a doozy. All four competitors had to scale their way down the side of a waterfall to obtain the silver bars they needed to add to the prize pool. As if that wasn’t stressful enough, they had a time limit on the challenge as well, which meant that by the time Kate and Craig returned, Alex and Lewis only had nine minutes to retrieve the remaining silver bars and get back up.

It was especially difficult for Alex, who is afraid of heights, but in the end, Alex and Lewis were successful, and the team added $40,000 to the prize pool, which brought the Grand Prize to $250,000.

In the Banishment Ceremony, Alex and Craig’s alliance proved handy for Alex, as she was able to convince Craig to vote Lewis out, which, in turn, eliminated Craig from the running when it came to winning the prize pool of silver.

To recap: if a Traitor gets to the end of The Traitors, they automatically win the entire prize pool to themselves. On the other hand, if two Faithful had made it to the end, the winner would’ve been presented with a choice: Either keep the whole prize for themselves, or split it with their fellow Faithful — with Alex, Kate and Craig as the top three, there was no longer a way for Craig to win the money, so really, it came down to Alex and Kate.

Despite feeling some guilt about knocking Craig out of the game, Alex had her eyes on the prize, and managed to convince Craig to vote against her fellow Traitor to get rid of Kate.

It worked, and with Craig’s vote, Alex immediately become the very first winner of The Traitors Australia.

“Oh my gosh,” she said. “I didn’t think I could pull that off!”

Calling it a “bittersweet” moment to celebrate, coming hot on the heels of her heartbreaking revelation to Craig that she was, indeed, a Traitor, Alex said that the win would be lifechanging for her and her partner, Tiffany Papaemanouil, who are hoping to start a family together.

“It means a house, family, and most importantly, IVF, which can be very expensive,” she explained. “But I’m sure that will cover more than needed.”

Congratulations Alex!

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