There You Have It Folks, Holly Kingston Is the Winner of ‘The Bachelor Australia’ 2021

Holly Kingston The Bachelor 2021

There you have it, folks. The Bachelor Australia has finally come to an end for 2021, and out of the 23 women vying for Jimmy Nicholson’s love, Holly Kingston was the one to win his heart after all.

It’s been one hell of a journey, and it was evident the two shared a special connection from the very beginning. Despite other women in the mansion having a vendetta against Holly, even going as far as telling Jimmy’s sister defamatory stories about her, the marketing manager from Sydney held her ground.

With her quick wit and dry sense of humour, the chemistry was undeniable, with viewers predicting Holly would win from the very first episode.

In the final episode, Jimmy had to decide between Brooke Cleal or Holly, and while he had fond feelings for the former, it was the latter that truly captured his heart.

Both women met Jimmy’s family and experienced the most romantic of dates in the Northern Territory, but shortly after, it was time for him to announce his decision, leaving Brooke completely devastated. 

Presenting Holly with the final rose and a stunning ring from Larsen Jewellery (on the right hand), Jimmy knew he made the right choice as he told her he had fallen in love with her and couldn’t wait to see what the future holds. 

And just like that, Holly Kingston was crowned the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2021 and Jimmy’s heart.

Until next year! 

This post originally appeared on POPSUGAR Australia.