The Cowboys Ride to Victory as the Winning Team on the ‘Amazing Race’ Australia 2021


The grand finale of the Amazing Race Australia saw the Cowboys, Gold Coast Girls and Super Sikh‘s complete their final round of challenges — including an adrenaline-inducing fliteboarding stint courtesy of FliteSchool Manly and a heartwarming reunion with all of the past contestants —  as they fought to be the ones who took home $250,000 in prize money. 

Each team had their own reasons for wanting to win, with Brendon and Jackson (Cowboys) doing it for their families, the Sikh’s (Jaskirat and Anurag) hoping to show the world what their belief system is all about and Ashleigh and Amanda (Gold Coast Girls) striving to be the first all-female team to win the Aussie version of the reality competition. 

After a gruelling race that saw the incredibly diverse teams traverse all over Australia and push themselves to physical and emotional limits, the  Cowboys were crowned the winners for 2021 with the Gold Coast Girls in second place and the Sikh’s in third.

WINNERS – Brendon and Jackson

Brendon and Jackson, meanwhile, were fan favourites who won audiences over with their charming personalities and down to earth attitudes and placed first in four legs.

The guys in green also escaped elimination twice after placing last on non-elimination legs.

The young dads — who met a decade ago and have been mates ever since — were a great example of teamwork and even survived Jackson’s penchant for singing in the car. 

Amazing Race

RUNNERS UP: Ashleigh and Amanda

Ashleigh and Amanda proved time and time again to be the team to watch, winning a staggering eight legs of the race, and racking up a myriad of incredible prizes in the process.

The girls especially excelled at athletic challenges and proved to be shrewd strategists who were always each other’s biggest cheerleaders.

The game almost looked to be over for these vivacious influencers on the second last leg but, thankfully, it was a non-elimination round. 

THIRD PLACE – Anurag and Jaskirat

Anurag and Jaskirat started strong, winning the first two legs of the race and a further two as the race progressed.

The Sikh’s were extremely thoughtful players who always did what they could to help the other teams, but their commitment to being of service to others didn’t hold them back. 

The best mates excelled at problem-solving and their mind-over-matter approach served them well during their time in the competition, coming last only once — in a non-elimination round. 


Congratulations to all of the teams who competed in the Amazing Race Australia for 2021! 

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