Heck Yes: Radha and Prabha Won the ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Finale

Radha and Prabha won My Kitchen Rules.

It’s over. In a season that felt like seconds, it’s over. Radha and Prabha have just won the 2023 finale of My Kitchen Rules.

“Oh my gosh, we did it,” said the twins, after the win.

“I’ll never ever forget this moment,” Prabha said. “I’m literally shaking my knees right now.”

The final two teams in this competition were Radha and Prabha — two identical twin sisters have cooked up smash hit after smash hit — and Nick and Christian, two pals who have been on the twin’s heels every episode. However, in the end, they just could not catch up.

At the beginning of this series, Nick stated that Radha and Prabha were their biggest competition. He called them “great cooks” who “really understand their food styles”. 

The winners of this season scored $100,000. A life-changing amount of cash. According to Radha and Prabha, they will the $100,000 to start their own café. 

But how did Radha and Prabha win My Kitchen Rules? What dishes did they whip up? Let’s get into the facts.

The My Kitchen Rules Finale

Entree Time

To kick off the night, Radha and Prabha cooked up a spicy fish fry with yellow dhal and mango chutney. A dish that one of the judges, Manu Feildel adored.

“The fish itself,” Manu said, “Melting in the mouth.”

Meanwhile, Nick and Christian created some scallops with black pudding and a bloody Mary butter. This meal was a fave of another judge, Nigella Lawson.

“The scallops are cooked perfectly,” Nigella noted.

The Mains

For a main, Radha and Prabha created a Kerala prawn curry with roti, spiced potato, and eggplant. This dish was praised by the last judge, Colin Fassnidge.

“That potato packs a punch,” Colin said. “That’s well-rounded and full of flavour.”

What’s more, Nick and Christian served some crayfish with Vadouvan butter and a witlof salad. Another dish that Fassnidge enjoyed.

“This is a job well done,” Colin declared.

Dessert Slays

Last but not least, we have desserts. For a dessert, Radha and Prabha assembled a bunch of pistachio ice cream chocolate domes with almond and orange crumbs. This dish impressed Nigella to the max.

“I didn’t think that they’d be able to make that dome,” Nigella said. “That ice cream is incredibly smooth.”

Which brings us to Nick and Christian’s dessert, a concoction of their own called the 3181 Mess. Primary ingredients in this dish were yuzu, fresh fruits, and meringue. Again, Nigella frothed for this dish.

“The texture and flavour of the yuzu curd is amazing,” Nigella said.

Who Won My Kitchen Rules 2023?

However, there could only be one winner. Congratulations, My Kitchen Rules. You crushed it. 

If you want to relive the My Kitchen Rules finale, you can do so using the 7 Plus app.

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