After a Nail-Gripping Finale, ‘My Kitchen Rules’ Has Crowned its Winner!

Janelle and Monzir have officially been crowned the winner of My Kitchen Rules 2022!

In what was a gripping Grand Finale, the NSW team went head-to-head with Queensland team Kate and Mary.

The couple is taking home $100,000, and of course, the title after their four-course meal impressed judges Manu Feildel, Curtis Stone and Colin Fassnidge.

Despite Janelle feeling the pressure from the minute the clock started ticking, the couple still managed to take the lead in the first course.

However, Kate and Mary caught up on the second course after they served a delicious salmon dish.

Still, they had some tough competition as Janelle and Monzir’s prawns were cooked to perfection.

Kate and Mary’s main course started off a little shakey after they decided to serve both individual lamb cutlets and a whole rack of lamb.

Despite the seemingly impossible task, they managed to impress the judges — but so did Janelle and Monzir, who plated up beef and okra.

For dessert, Kate and Mary forgot to pre-fill their pastry shells, but their lemon tart saved them from a potential disaster.

However, Janelle and Monzir raced to the finish line with their baklava, which was heavily praised by the judges.

The competition was certainly stiff, but Janelle and Monzir were ultimately crowned the winner of My Kitchen Rules 2022.

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