Chad Hurst Has Been Crowned the Winner of Big Brother Australia 2020

Big Brother

Six weeks ago, twenty housemates entered the Big Brother Australia house with only one thing on their mind — a cool $250k.

While each person had every opportunity to win, one by one, each housemate was evicted by their fellow contestants in a bid to win the coveted prize money.

Model Chad Hurst, former AFL-Player Daniel Gorringe and gymnast, Sophie Budack were the last three housemates left standing.

Voted by the public in a live finale on Wednesday, Chad Hurst has been crowned the winner of Big Brother Australia 2020.

Flying mostly under the radar until the final weeks of the game, kind-hearted Hurst quickly became a fan favourite.

Fans gushed over his beautiful relationship with his Mum, his toy poodle Buddy and of course, his budding romance with Budack.

Before the finale, TheLatch— caught up with Hurst who said that he played the game by staying true to himself.

“As soon as I got out of the house, my mates asked me if I regret anything.

“I did stick to my morals the whole time so I had no anxiety when the show started. I think that’s why I got so little air time because I didn’t get caught up in all the drama, so I had that safe feeling.”

Even though the former construction worker didn’t get into the drama, his relationship with Budack was rock solid — with each of them helping each other to the finale.

Before his win, Hurst even said he’d share a piece of the prize money with the former gymnast.

“I think it’s fair that if I win, I’m definitely going to share some money with her. It would be rude not to. We did the whole thing together,” he said during the interview.

Throughout the competition, Hurst had one person on his mind that kept him going. His dad who recently passed away.

“Big Brother was his favourite show and we’ve got photos of him with all the Big Brother winners hanging up around the house. He loved it,” Hurst said.

“I still remember being a kid and he said to me: ‘This is your show, Chad. I want you on the show.’”

Hurst still remembers one piece of advice his dad had given him.

“He said: ‘I’d love you to be on the show. Just be you and you will make some good tele.'”

And he sure did!

Congratulations, Chad! Winner of Big Brother Australia 2020!

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