Heck Yes: Australia Crowns Tay and Ari the Definitive Winners of ‘Big Brother’ 2023

Who Won Big Brother in 2023

All the votes have been cast. History has been made. Both Tay and Ari Wilcoxson have been crowned the 2023 winners of Big Brother finale, and with that, scored $100,000. Meanwhile, both Louis Phillips and Mineé Marx have left this house with zilch.  

Tay and Ari are first people in Big Brother history to win this game as a team of two.

Beyond these sister’s impressive win, this season of Big Brother has had it all. This season began with 15 single housemates not just for vying for money, but also for the possibility of finding love. That’s right, Big Brother attempted to become Australia’s next Love Island

However, this season wasn’t all romance. People like Teejay Halkias strutted in as Intruders, and Maddi-Rose McGuire walked away before getting evicted. Even Big Brother Uncut made a return, which is a more adult-oriented version of this series. 

According to Sonia Kruger, the host of Big Brother, she was very pleased with how this season unfolded.

“It was about relationships,” Kruger said. “It was about how people interacted with each other. That’s the thing that fascinates all of us. There’s quite a bit of voyeur in us, we want to see how other people conduct themselves in relationships.”

“It’s very different from the past couple of years where there’s been a lot of strategy… With every television show, you need to keep evolving and keep changing. And this is what the producers of Big Brother do really well.”

Here’s what Tay and Ari did to take home the Big Brother win. 

Who Won Big Brother in 2023?

In the final moments of the Big Brother finale, Sonia revealed that Ari and Tai were the winners of 2023. Naturally, the sisters were almost lost for words. 

“What the heck,” Ari said.

“Thank you everyone,” Tai said.

“It doesn’t feel real.”

The sisters decided that they’ll be splitting the prize money evenly. They also said that they will be using this money to start a small business.  

If you want to relive the excitement of Big Brother’s 2023 finale, you can do so on the 7 Plus app.

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