Sink or Swim: Every Celebrity Recruit Who Got the Boot on ‘SAS Australia’ 2023

That’s a wrap, folks! There’s no doubt that the recently concluded season of SAS Australia 2023 took things to the next level. From the previews alone, there were hints of what was to come, and as always in the world of reality television, some stars just couldn’t handle the heat. This meant that each Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, we saw a SAS celebrity recruit sent packing.

With only a handful of celebrities making it to the other side, the burning question remained: who would it be? We had to stay tuned to find out.

Now, it’s time to reveal who went home on SAS Australia 2023.

SAS Australia 2023: Who Was Eliminated?

Dr Craig Challen

The three remaining recruits entered the third phase of the final mission, undergoing one of the most treacherous tests: a hostage rescue. Having saved the hostages and escaped to safety, Tim, Matthew and Craig had completed the third phase of their mission and the SAS course. 

But, after deliberation, DS Ant Middleton announced that Tim and Matthew had passed selection.

dr craig challen sas australia
Channel 7

Abbey Holmes 

In the grand finale, the four remaining recruits were challenged with a three-phase final mission to test their psychological and physical capabilities.

With phase two of the final mission completed, the DS delivered the shocking news that one recruit would be culled, missing out on final selection. After deliberating, the DS announced Abbey would not be progressing to selection.

“I’m very disappointed not to get to the end, but what this experience has shown me is that your mind and your body are capable of so much more,” Abbey admitted.

SAS Australia 2023 Abbey Holmes
Channel 7

Mahalia Murphy, International Rugby Star

International rugby star Mahalia Murphy voluntarily withdrew from the course after a sickening grunt task while a savage storm flooded the camp. 

“I can push through mentally, but physically, it’s not how it works,” said Mahalia before telling the DS she was “done”.

Mahalia Murphy - SAS Australia 2023 Recruits
Getty Images / Chris Hyde

Zima Anderson, Actress

After an unfortunate accident on the show, actress, Zima Anderson was medically withdrawn from SAS Australia. The actress fell from a tower and hit the concrete pavement below her. Thankfully, she only sustained minor injuries to her elbow and wrist. 

Ant Middleton reassured the other remaining recruits, “She’s in good hands, she’s okay.”

Zima Anderson is on SAS Australia.

Peter Bol, Olympic Runner

Olympic runner Peter Bol called time on his SAS race. Peter told the recruits he had learned so much on the course, but he needed to think about his future and get back on the track.

“I’ve got world champs this year. I’ve got the Olympics next year. I was fourth in Tokyo. I don’t want to be fourth again,” said Peter, who admitted he was also fearful of sustaining an injury on the course. Peter Bol is on SAS Australia.

Cocaine Cassie, Convicted Drug Smuggler

Cassie Sainsbury voluntarily exited from the SAS Australia 2023 camp after refusing to attempt an underground pipe challenge. She said that it brought back feelings of being in tiny, claustrophobia-inducing spaces while imprisoned in Columbia. “When I leave the SAS course, ‘Cocaine Cassie’ dies there,” she mentioned.

cocaine cassie sainsbury sas australia 2023 eliminated

Boyd Cordner, NRL Legend

Although he wanted to go on and much to Ant Middleton’s dismay, NRL great — Boyd Cordner was medically dismissed from the competition with a torn left pec. “Your character is impeccable. You’re an honourable person,” Ant added.

boyd cordner sas australia 2023 who went home

Lindy Klim, Balinese Princess

Bali royal, Lindy Klim also made the decision to go home on the same day as Boyd Cordner and Cassie Sainsbury. Her need to pass the course could not outweigh her desire for personal comforts. The now ex-SAS Australia recruit said, “I can’t go to sleep without a podcast, then whale sounds, then a machine that purifies the air.”

lindy klim sas australia 2023 eliminated

Jason Akermanis, AFL Hall of Famer

After reports of some intense foot pain and refusal of medications — AFL hall of fame star, Jason Akermanis was the first recruit to bite the dust. He voluntarily walked right out of the front gates and into the night. “I’ve got out exactly what I’ve hoped to get out. I didn’t leave injured — that injured,” Jason said in a voiceover on his way out. “I don’t need to come on a course like this and prove anything else, to anyone else.”

jason akermanis sas australia 2023 who went home

Stephanie Rice, Olympic Swimming Champion

Everyone was on the edge of their seat awaiting the verdict on Stephanie Rice’s shoulder dislocation — would it heal or would she go home? SAS Australia DS leader, Ant Middleton delivered the news that she would be medically dismissed to prevent further injury. Stephanie broke down in tears and mentioned that this reminded her of what she experienced before the London Olympics. sas australia 2023 stephanie rice what did stephanie rice tweet (1)

Anthony Mundine, Boxing World Champ

After threatening to quit in the episode prior, Anthony Mundine said enough is enough and exited the SAS Australia camp — yes, even after his mother’s heartfelt phone call. But he didn’t go without one last insistence that he is “one of the best athletes ever”. SAS Australia Anthony Mundine Which celebrity will head home next? Find out on the next episode of SAS Australia 2023, airing Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Channel 7 and 7plus. If you ever miss the action, you can catch up online, when you like at 7plus.

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