RIP to the Fallen — Here’s Who Went Home on ‘My Kitchen Rules’

Who went home on My Kitchen Rules 2023

It’s happened. All of the teams in this season of My Kitchen Rules have gone home. On September 13, Coco and Pearls were eliminated. On September 27, Patricija and Brigita were kicked from this competition.

What’s more, on October 1, Amber and Mel, Claudean and Anthony, and Aaron and Chris all went home. On October 2, Tommy, Rach, Aaron, and Chris followed suit.

This left only two teams. It was Radha and Prabha against Nick and Christian. Only one team would leave this arena victorious. 

But we’re now getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s go through all of these nights. 

Who Went Home on My Kitchen Rules 2023

Round Five

In the finals, Radha and Prabha demolished Nick and Christian. Their spicy fish fry with yellow dhal and mango chutney was too good. Their Kerala prawn curry with roti was too yummy. Additionally, their pistachio ice cream was too small, and all of the judges wanted more.

This meant that Nick and Christian were eliminated. Additionally, Radha and Prabha won $100,000.

Round Four

In round four, the teams competing for glory were Radha and Prabha, Sonia and Marcus, Tommy and Rach, and Nick and Christian. Like with the quarter-finals, only two teams could move on to the next round.

Tommy and Rach were eliminated for serving up some middling stuffed mushrooms. Meanwhile, Aaron and Chris’ chocolate hazelnut dacquoises didn’t hit the spot. The consistency of its hazelnut mousse was wrong, so the pair was booted from the comp.

Round Three

In round three, the teams competing for glory were Radha and Prabha, Sonia and Marcua, Tommy and Rach, and Nick and Christian. But only two teams could move on to the semi-finals. Meanwhile, the other three teams would be excommunicated. 

Amber and Mel were eliminated for serving the judges a split yoghurt sauce. Claudean and Anthony were eliminated for serving some middling zeppoles. Likewise, Aaron and Chris’ chocolate fondants just didn’t hit the spot.

Round Two

Patricija and Brigita’s Instant Restaurant

Patricija and Brigita were the final team to compete in round two. Everyone was wondering if their food would be brill or a bust.

However, this question was quickly answered. Patricija and Brigita’s entree, a cold beetroot soup, didn’t score an onslaught of compliments. This dish lacked seasoning. What’s more, they used packet beetroot in this dish, a My Kitchen Rules faux pas.

Likewise, their main of potato stuffed sausages with a bacon and cream sauce was also a failure. The potato was too dense, and the sauce was too salty. 

Thankfully though, Patricija and Brigita ended this night with a small win. Everyone liked their dessert, a honey cake with a creme anglaise. 

But, as we’ve previously noted, this dish wasn’t enough to save them. Patricija and Brigita cooked the worst food in round two, and they were then asked to leave this gauntlet.

Round One

Coco and Pearls’ Instant Restaurant 

Before Coco and Pearls’ Instant Restaurant kicked off, this duo was talking a big game. However, when push came to shove, they flopped. 

To begin with, Coco and Pearls’ entree of Champagne pasta roses was raw. What’s more, their dessert of cream and tapioca pearls was called slop.

When discussing their rose pasta, the judge, Colin Fassnidge, wasn’t impressed.

“A rose is something that blossoms,” Colin said. “This is a rose bulb.”

At the end of this event, Coco and Pearls had scored a mere 50 points, putting them at the bottom of the leaderboard.

Claudean and Anthony’s Instant Restaurant

Like Coco and Pearls, Claudean and Anthony were confident in their cooking skills. However, also like Coco and Pearls, this pair couldn’t deliver the goods.

For instance, the veal in their Osso Bucco with polenta was overcooked. Likewise, the gelato in their choc hazelnut gelato didn’t set. According to the other judge, Manu Feildel, both of these dishes were a disappointment. 

As Menu said, “I don’t think you’ve finished on a high note like we expected”.

In the end, Claudean and Anthony scored 53 points. Which, fortunately for them, was three more points than Coco and Pearls. This meant that Coco and Pearls were eliminated from the competition. 

So, Who Went Home on My Kitchen Rules?

Coco and Pearls

Who went home on My Kitchen Rules? Coco and Pearls did.
Channel 7

Patricija and Brigita

Patricija and Brigita
Channel 7

Amber and Mel

Amber and Mel
Channel 7

Claudean and Anthony

Claudean and Anthony
Channel 7

Aaron and Chris

Aaron and Chris
Channel 7

Tommy and Rach

Tommy and Rach
Channel 7

Sonia and Marcus

Sonia and Marcus
Channel 7

Nick and Christian

My Kitchen Rules 2023 Nick and Christian
Channel 7

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