Heartbreak in the Jungle — Everyone Who’s Left ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’

Denise Drysdale went home on I'm a Celebrity 2024

On the show that will always keep you guessing — I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! — there was only one winner. Skye Wheatley won the entire season, leaving Tristan MacManus and Callum Hole as the runners up.

In certain episodes of this series, the Australian public voted their least favourite contestants off. Some celebs also chose to leave the competition early by saying the phrase, “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here.”

In 2024, I’m a Celebrity’s Denise Drysdale was the first to go home, being booted off by the public. But in a surprising twist, Denise seemed rather chipper about leaving the I’m a Celebrity production, a rugged set situated in South Africa’s Kruger National Park. At the impressive age of 75, Denise was excited to trade in this location for warm showers, a plush bed, and having electricity again.


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In the very next episode, the former professional ironwoman, Candice Warner, went home. She too was voted from the jungle. Candice was followed by the child star Frankie Muniz, the personal trainer Michelle Bridges, and several other celebrities.

Here’s a list of all the 2024 I’m a Celebrity contestants who have left this competition.

Who Went Home on I’m a Celebrity 2024?

Tristan MacManus

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Tristan MacManus
Network Ten

Callum Hole

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Callum Hole
Network Ten

Brittany Hockley

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Brittany Hockley
Network Ten

Ellie Cole

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Ellie Cole
Network Ten

Stephen K. Amos

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Stephen K Amos
Network Ten

Khanh Ong

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Khanh Ong
Network Ten

Peter Daicos

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Peter Daicos
Network Ten

Michelle Bridges

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Michelle Bridges
Network Ten

Frankie Muniz

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Frankie Muniz
Network Ten

Candice Warner

I'm a Celebrity 2024 Candice Warner
Network Ten

Denise Drysdale

I'm a Celebrity's Denise Drysdale
Network 10

If you want to rewatch Skye Wheatley becoming the winner of I’m a Celebrity 2024, you can do so on the 10 Play app.

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