CAPTURED! Here’s Who Went Home on ‘Hunted Australia’ 2023

hunted team cast

Last year, Hunted Australia took the nation by storm. Now, it’s back, and this season promises to be a showdown like no other between the Hunters and the Fugitives. Not all of our Fugitives will make it to the end, and if you need to know who went home on Hunted Australia, we’ve got your back.

Hunted Australia is based on the British reality series of the same name. It’s the show that asks the question: “Could you disappear without a trace?”

For the 20 Australians on Season 2 of Hunted, they’ll soon find out.

Hunted Australia plonks 10 pairs of everyday Aussies in the middle of Melbourne with nothing but $500 and an overnight bag to their name. The aim of the game? To evade capture and survive for 21 days. The problem? The Hunters are on their tail, and they have years of experience in the field.

Leading the Hunters is The Chief, Former Detective Superintendent Dr David Craig. No big deal, but he’s an internationally recognised expert in surveillance and covert operations. There are also experts from the Australian Federal Police, Australian Defence Force and British Intelligence, as well as skilled cyber analysts, special ops and private security.

Our Fugitives can go anywhere in Victoria, but they’ll need to be smart if they want to remain under the radar. If they can evade capture for 21 days, they’ll win a share of $100,000.

Of course, not everyone will make it to the finish line. Here’s everyone who’s been eliminated on Hunted so far.

Who Went Home on Hunted Australia 2023?


Josh on Hunted Australia 2023
Network 10


Ed on Hunted Australia 2023
Network 10

Bayan and Eesha

Hunted Australia Fugitives Bayan and Eesha
Network Ten

Elerrina and Sonja

Hunted Australia Fugitives Elerrina and Sonja
Network Ten

Byron and Tanase

Hunted Australia Fugitives Tanase and Byron
Network Ten

Ben and Callum

Hunted Australia Fugitives Ben and Callum
Network Ten

Taylah and Glenn

Hunted Australia Taylah and Glenn
Network Ten


Hunted Australia 2023 Fugitive Megan
Network Ten


Hunted Australia 2023 contestant Gracie
Network Ten

Cath and Kel

Hunted Australia Fugitives Cath and Kel
Network Ten

Hunted Australia airs at 7.30pm, Sunday — Tuesday each week, only on 10 and 10 Play on Demand. Miss an episode? Catch up on 10 Play.

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