Here Are the Teams Who Have Been Eliminated From ‘The Amazing Race’ Australia 2021

Unfortunately, there can only be one winning team on The Amazing Race Australia 2021.

With each epic challenge and leg of the race, comes the time to say goodbye to one of the duos competing for $250,000…although sometimes “goodbye” is not forever!

Here are the teams that have either withdrawn or been eliminated from The Amazing Race Australia 2021 so far.

Dwes and Katherine

The cousins from The Kimberley’s were the first to go but, happily, returned two episodes later. Sadly, their journey came to an end — for real this time — in Coober Pedy, South Australia.

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Amazing Race

Jake and Alex

The twin models left of their own accord due to personal reasons.


Amazing Race

Jude and Shannon

The Mum’s gave it their all but sadly got eliminated in the third episode.


Amazing Race

Malaan and Tina

It was time to say goodbye for these childhood best friends, after a grass cutting challenge saw them get cut.

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Amazing Race

Shane and Deb

The couple, who had a very tough 2020, gave it their all but sadly, Shane’s knee injury saw them voluntarily taken out of the game.

Amazing Race

Jobelle and Rani

The father and daughter team were sad to say goodbye so soon but learned so much about themselves and each other along the way.

Amazing Race

Sefa and Jess

We will really miss these hilarious besties and their trademark quick wit.

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Amazing Race

Jordan and Violeta

The dancing exes have been eliminated after an admirable run on The Amazing Race. 

Amazing Race

Stan and Wayne

The bodybuilders entered the competition as Stowaways and left with their heads held high.

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Holly and Dolor

The power couple were fan favourites but weren’t able to make it all the way.

Amazing Race

MJ and Chelsea

The Footy Mates entered the race as Stowaways and put in a formiddable effort. The impressive pair may be walking away wtihout the grand prize, but they definitely made their mark on the competition.

Sky-Blue and Jake

These siblings set out to prove that you can achieve anything you set your mind to, and they did just that. While their time on the Amazing Race didn’t result in taking home the grand prize, they have undoubtedly inspired countless people to give life a red hot go.

Amazing Race

Chris and Aleisha

The Princess and the Geek were perhaps one of the most surprising teams this season, and were successfully able to bounce back each time they were dealt a U-turn or a Sabotage. After an impressive race — and plenty of tears — Chris and Aleisha were eliminated from the competition but proved that they should not be underestimated.

Amazing Race

Jaskirat and Anurag – Third Place

Amazing Race

Ashleigh and Amanda – Runners-Up

Amazing Race

Brendon and Jackson – WINNERS!

Amazing Race

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