Here Are All of the Ladies Who Went Home on ‘The Bachelor Australia 2021’

The Bachelor Australia 2021

With 23 gorgeous, out-going and diverse women competing for his heart, our 2021 Bachelor Jimmy Nicholson is going to have a tough time choosing the woman he wants to potentially spend the rest of his life with.

While we know that he does, in fact, pick one lucky lady at the end of his season, we also know that before he can walk off into the sunset with his chosen love, he must say goodbye to 22 women and potentially leave them broken-hearted.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Bachelor without the long and drawn out rose ceremonies, in which the lead deliberately takes 20 minutes to say the name of one person while we scream at our televisions in frustration, our hearts racing a million miles an hour as we wait to see who has made the cut and who must be sent home to cry into a frozen dinner for one.

As you might have guessed, we are just the teensiest bit invested. And you are too which is why you’re here so here are all of the women who were sent home from The Bachelor Australia 2021


The Bachelor Australia 2021


The Bachelor 2021


Bach 2021


The Bachelor 2021


Bachelor 2021Madison

Bachelor 2021


The Bachelor 2021


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