Who Went Home on ‘Beauty and the Geek’ Australia 2021? The Only List You Need

Beauty and the Geek

The competition has begun. With our final Beauty and the Geek couples paired together by host Sophie Monk, our 10 beauties and 10 geeks are now competing with their partner against the other couples for the win, a potential love connection, and the $100,000 prize money.

Our final couples for the season are (or were, as the case may be): James and Jess, Alexander and Eliza, Kiran and Bryanna, Aira and Sam, Jackson and Jessica, Mitchell and Ashleigh, Frank and Gabrielle, Kyle and Leticia, Lachlan and Kiera, and finally, George and Josie.

Each episode, our couples are given challenges to face as a pair. The winning couples get to go on solo dates and see if there’s a spark, or even a friendship, while the bottom two couples have to go head-to-head in a final challenge in order to stay in the competition.

As the beauties and geeks have all gotten to know one another as a group, the eliminations are emotional, but we have to say goodbye as the competition progresses.

Here’s everyone who’s left the competition so far:

Frank and Gabrielle

Bryanna and Kiran 

Kyle and Leticia

Sam and Aira

More to come as they are announced…

Beauty and the Geek airs Sundays at 7pm and then Mondays and Tuesdays at 7.30pm on 9 and 9 Now.

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