Big Brother’s Talia Cannot Wait to Show Australia What She’s Made Of

Big Brother

Talia Rycroft is not your average 22-year-old woman.

In fact, the Big Brother housemate is a construction worker in Adelaide.

Don’t let her “girly-girl” looks fool you — Rycroft considers herself smart, strong and confident and she’s looking to smash those gender stereotypes.

Growing up with brothers and working on a job site with 50 men, Rycroft feels at home with “the boys” and her career progression is a result of strong leadership and communication skills, which she believes will be some of her strengths in the house.

Her pet peeves include people who are fake, lie or cause unnecessary drama and you better believe that she must be the queen bee.

She is strong-willed and will not back down in an argument, and knows that her stubbornness may lead to some tense showdowns. She’s rebellious and loves to break from the norm and is still a big kid at heart.

Rycroft is an aspiring actress, adrenaline junkee and a keen surfer, and cannot wait to get stuck into the challenges.

If she were to win the cool $250k, she will invest the money and shout her fellow housemates to a few bevvies.

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