It’s Hard Not To Fall In Love With The Bachelorette’s Saj Bakhsh

The Bachelorette

Saj Bakhsh made hearts melt all over Australia when he made his first appearance on The Bachelorette.

The 25-year-old personal trainer was born in Afghanistan and works as a personal trainer and fitness model in South Australia.

The bio on his official Facebook page states that “he approaches health in a holistic way empowering his clients to use food as medicine and training as fuel to put their health back on their priority list”.

Bakhsh, who is multilingual, is also currently enrolled in a double degree in international relations and social work and hopes to impress the Miles sisters with the language of love.

This bachelor is not like the others and is more interested in a woman’s energy and vibe, than her physical appearance.

He enjoys working out, helping others in need and going on hiking adventures and winds with hot yoga, meditation and reflection.

According to his Network Ten bio, Bakhsh is looking for a partner with a “good personality, outlook, energy and looks after their wellbeing”.

His biggest turn-ons include fragrance, positive energy, how people treat others and being goal-oriented.

Currently, Bakhsh works as a trainer at F45 and his club even got together and watched the premiere episode at the gym.


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