Meet Russell — the ‘MAFS’ Australia Groom Who Doesn’t Know What Salmon Is

37-year-old Russell Duance, aka Rusty, enjoys the simple things in life — namely a good steak and a pint of beer. 

This lovable larrikin may not know all about fancy foods (if you can call salmon fancy) but he truly has a heart of gold and would love nothing more than to share it with a wonderful woman.

Hailing from South Australia, Russell is a hard working business owner who is the first to admit that he often uses work to disract himself from his loneliness. Having worked in the mines, Rusty is no stranger to some isolation, but these days, the isolation in his social life is getting a bit much. With all of his mates married and with families, Russell would love to join the club and share his days with someone other than his two dogs.

A devoted uncle to his nephews, Russell loves camping and dirt bike riding but would love kids of his own to enjoy such activities with.

Interestingly, this is not Rusty’s first rodeo when it comes to unusual love stories — he once proposed to a stranger as a joke in Las Vegas with the pair ending up dating. Rusty eventually married his Las Vegas love but, sadly, the marriage only lasted a year.

Having now been single for four years, Russell would love to meet an adventurous, fun-loving and active partner to share his life with and, presumably, introduce him to a more varied diet. 

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