The Bachelor’s Roxi Kenny Is a Mechanical Engineer and a Law Student

The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Locky Gilbert is about to be blown away by something other than just good looks.

29-year-old bachelorette Roxi (Roxanne) Kenny is not only a working mechanical engineer, but she is also studying Law at CQ University in QLD.

According to unenvironment.org, Kenny’s parents owned and operated a refrigeration and air conditioning business, AirRite.

When she was 24, “the receptionist working for the business left and there was no one to replace her, so Roxi took time off to help out once a week.” She then became a full-time employee and as of September last year had been working in the business for five years.

“When I began working at Air-Rite, Mum suggested I study mechanical engineering to assist with my progress within the business and hopefully it will allow me to hold the Unlimited Design Licence in the future when she wants to retire,” she said during an interview in 2019 with the outlet.

There were a few challenges for her to overcome, however, when she visited construction sites with the project manager to better understand their role, there would “very rarely be a female on-site”.

While not much else is known about the Brisbane local, this jack of all trades has another skill up her sleeve — her tattoo one that is!

Kenny used to work at The Inker Tattoo Studio as a tattoo artist in Alderley, Queensland.

Having quite the array of body art herself, we’re wondering how many she designed and inked on her own body and since Gilbert has some tattoos, this could be a match made in inky-heaven.

Kenny is also a fur mum to an almost two-year-old cavoodle named Lottie, who even has her own Instagram page.


The beginning of the season has only really shown a few bits and pieces about Kenny, however, fans noticed she is at the centre of some mansion drama — when intruder, identified by the Daily Mail as Kaitlyn Rose, makes an appearance.

In a Network Ten recap for the season, released during the first episode, we see Kenny and Rose in a full-on argument.

Seemingly not happy with Rose’s “fake” appearance, Kenny yells at her: “‘You are trash! Your fake hair, fake lashes, fake t**s, whatever,'” later telling producers she cannot stand her.

Would it really be The Bachelor without a spectacle?

Here’s hoping that this argument doesn’t distract Kenny from the real reason she is on the show. Instagram followers. We mean, Locky.

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