Who Is Queen on ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia?

The Masked Singer

For the past four weeks, our Mondays and Tuesdays have been spent dissecting clues on The Masked Singer.

Now that there are only three celebrities left in the competition, we’ve become even more enthralled as to who the Bushranger, Frillneck and Queen really are.

When it comes to the Queen, there is only one woman who can hit those high notes in Australia and that’s Kate Miller-Heidke. There’s really no ifs or buts about it.

Miller-Heidke is an award-winning singer-songwriter who traverses the worlds of contemporary pop, folk and opera. Her debut opera as a composer, The Rabbits, won four Helpmann Awards and she co-wrote the music and lyrics to Muriel’s Wedding: The Musical. In 2019, she was Australia’s representative at Eurovision.

Let’s dissect the clues and discuss why Miller-Heidke is absolutely Queen.

Clue 1: “I am the Queen. I’m in control of all I’ve made and desire to rule the world. Only The Masked Singer stands in my way.”

In the early 2000s, she was named the Queen of the Woodford Folk Festival.

Clue 2: “I was expected to be known by my Italian works, but turned away and followed my own royal path by popular demand.” 

As mentioned earlier, Miller-Heidke is Opera trained, however, pursued pop music instead.

Clue 3: “Yes, I have known the highs and the lows, sometimes at the same time.”

At Eurovision, she performed the song Zero Gravity while flying on a pole. The song was about her battle with post-natal depression.

Clue 4: “Do you like my dress? I also look good in white, which I’ve worn more than once.”

Her costume for Eurovision was white.

Clue 5: “13 times I’ve been a bridesmaid but never the bride” and “With my voice, there would be no ARIAs for me.”

Miller-Heidke has been nominated for an ARIA 13 times and also wrote the music for the stage show, Muriel’s Wedding. Arguably Australia’s most famous bride!

Clue 6: “Last day on earth” clue.

Refers to her song with The Beards to raise money for bowel cancer.

Clue 6: There was a map of Tasmania dressed in tinsel.

Miller-Heidke released a Christmas charity single called I’m growing a beard downstairs for Christmas in 2015.

Clue 7:  “I have lost count of how many times I have helped my fellow man.”

She is very charitable and has written songs with proceeds going to various foundations including to raise money for bowel cancer and the charity single, I’m growing a beard downstairs for Christmas.

Clue 8: “I’m obsessed with the art of storytelling and music is my medium. Stories lift me up, give me hope and make me feel less alone in the world.”

Miller-Heidke is a lyricist and writes songs about personal experience.

It’s official! Kate Miller Heidke is Queen!

The Masked Singer

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