Meet Partrick — the Inexperienced ‘MAFS’ Australia Groom Who Hopes to Turn His Luck Around

Patrick MAFS

27-year-old Patrick Dwyer is a personal trainer from Victoria who, by his own admission, has been unlucky in love over the course of his life. 

Despite this fact, Patrick remains upbeat and positive — he just wishes he could feel as confident with women as he feels when he is coaching his clients and encouraging them to kick their goals.

One of Patrick’s own greatest goals is to start a family with the right woman and to put an end to his lonely days once and for all. He is hoping that his bubbly and kind personality will entice his bride given that he says he doesn’t often receive attention from the opposite sex for his looks.

Patrick comes from a very tight knit family and is looking for a partner who is loyal, caring and friendly and who wants to share his passion for traveling and seeing the world when it becomes possible to do so again. As someone who is very down-to-earth, Patrick needs a bride who is not “fake” or “plastic” looking. 

He is hopeful that his time on Married at First Sight will signal the end of his single days and mark the beginning of his most exciting adventure yet. 

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