Is Big Brother Australia’s Mat Garrick the Most Easy-Going Housemate Ever?

Big Brother

Mat Garrick was the first housemate to be revealed in the lead up to Big Brother Australia 2020.

The country bloke from Broken Hill (or as he calls it “God’s Garden) is as down-to-earth as you’ll get and could be one of the more silent assassins in the house.

The 30-year-old is engaged to fiancé, actor Jess Byrne — and believes he his “batting above average” when it comes to their relationship.

Garrick is obsessed with sports and is bringing humour, wits and smarts to the house. So smart in fact, that he was a series regular on ABC’s Think Tank!

This sparky is incredibly easy-going but considers himself a little naive — could his gullible nature be an easy win for the other housemates?

His pet peeves include lying, rudeness or opinionated people who try to force their views on him but we’re pretty certain you won’t be able to tell if something — or someone — is bothering him.

Garrick is coming into the Big Brother house with a strategy. “You want to be the neck that turns the head” but not the head-decision maker because that will put a target on his back.

To prove this guy is just the sweetest if he wins, he wants to use the money to give Byrne the wedding of her dreams and donate some to melanoma research. Legend.

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