Is The Bachelor’s Laura the Most Forward Bachelorette Since Keira McGuire?

The Bachelor

Laura Calleri had tongues-wagging when a trailer for her entrance on The Bachelor was played for the first time.

The self-confessed “snob” from Perth, WA, likes the finer things in life — so to ensure that our bachelor, Locky Gilbert, was a compatible match, she wasted no time in asking how expensive her birthday gift from him was going to be.

“I quite enjoy the Louis Vuitton handbag, nice Chanel earrings, Porsche Cayenne Turbo,” she said in the promo, holding nothing back.

Calleri revealed that the craziest gift she’d ever been given was a “Louis Vuitton purse,” to which we then saw and heard Gilbert’s visible and audible shock.

The marketing coordinator wants someone who will treat her like a queen and describes herself as a “sassy little Italian gal”. Does this mean she’s about to stir the pot in the mansion with a large wooden spoon?


According to Perth Now, Calleri says her worst dating experience was when a guy showed up two-hours late. Promising dinner at Nobu, they turned up and he “hadn’t booked”. Oh, the audacity.

It seems like Gilbert will have a huge undertaking, however, being from his own hometown, maybe that will count for something?

WATCH: Laura makes her grand entrance on The Bachelor Australia, 2020.

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