The Bachelor Intruder Kaitlyn Hoppe Ruffles More Than a Few Feathers

The Bachelor

Remember when Aussie Dog guy, Ryan Anderson, appeared out of nowhere on Angie Kent’s season of The Bachelorette?

Anderson was the only intruder to be let in on the season — the twist, he and Angie already knew of each other before the show.

Now, Kaitlyn Hoppe, a 26-year-old local from Queensland has come into The Bachelor mansion in the same fashion — only she was wearing a wedding dress.

According to the DailyMail, the student from the Gold Coast “locks horns” with original bachelorette Roxi Kenny. But is there more to the story?

The Bachelor
Network Ten.

It seems that when we first meet Hoppe, Kenny is very put out by her — and given that they are from the same state, maybe they know each other or have run in the same circles…

Whatever it is, it doesn’t look good.

“They [the other girls] better get used to me being around because I am here for the long run,” Hoppe says in the trailer.

The trailer from the beginning of the series also shows some major drama between the pair, with Kenny yelling: “You are trash! Your fake hair, fake lashes, fake t**s, whatever!” Ouch!

While not much else is known about Hoppe at this stage (her Instagram is on private at the time of writing), we have a feeling, she’s going to ruffle more than just Kenny’s feathers.


Not much else is known about Hoppe, apart from the fact she likes to be known as “Kaitlyn Rose” and that she is a personal assistant and sales associates at her local Ray White real estate agency.

Before that, Hoppe worked as a manager at lingerie store, Honey Birdette and also studied at RMIT — holding a bachelors degree in Information Technology.

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