Meet James, the Single Dad With a Fondness for the Finer Things in Life From ‘MAFS’ Australia

44-year-old James Susler is participating in Married at First Sight in the hopes that he can finally find the right woman who will love him for him and not his wealth.

The owner of a prestige car company, James really enjoys the more luxurious things in life — whether that be an expensive car, designer suit or Rolex watch.

Despite his material success, this single dad of three has not had much luck on the dating front since his divorce and would really love to be in a happy and settled relationship once more.

The ideal qualities James is looking for in his bride are passion and a huge amount of drive and, naturally, someone who can look past the shiny surface to love him for his big heart and great sense of humour.

A self-described “cheeky chappy”, James is quite the ringleader in his group of friends with his larger than life personality making him a confident and natural social organiser.

His confidence extends to the opposite sex too, but given that a year of dating has seen this businessman still single, he is ready to surrender to the experts and let them do the heavy lifting.

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