Meet Jake, the ‘MAFS’ Australia 2021 Groom Who Runs a Mental Health Charity

Destined to be a surefire hit with viewers thanks to his good looks and big heart, Jake is searching for his perfect match on Married at First Sight.

In the past, this 32-year-old ex-AFL player has struggled to find connections with women who are genuine and not looking to take advantage of him. A sensitive soul, Jake just wants a woman to love him for exactly who he is.

Hailing from the country in Victoria, Jake has struggled with depression in the past which inspired him to start a mental health charity called Outside the Locker Room. As CEO, Jake aims to deliver welfare and education programs that build both collective and individual mental health and wellbeing.

This country boy who wants to make the world a better place values family above all else and would love nothing more than to have his own. His siblings already have children and, while Jake adores being an uncle, he can’t help but feel envious that he is yet to find the right person to take the parenting plunge with.

Previously engaged, Jake ended his relationship when he realised he was no longer in love.

Taking part in Married at First Sight, is a big leap of faith for this CEO with a heart of gold, but he is hopeful that his soulmate awaits so that he can settle down and create the family he has always dreamed of.

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