Big Brother’s Ian Joass is Not Your Average Housemate

Big Brother

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He’s inquisitive by nature and is motivated by science, but Ian Joass is not your average housemate.

An only child, the 25-year-old grew up in Perth, Western Australia, and developed a fascination with ecology and biology — thanks to parents who are geologists.

As a family, they like to go on an annual holiday, to sightsee, hike and do some fossil hunting.

Joass is a waiter, and the self-confessed introvert uses the job to develop his people skills. Going into the Big Brother house is way out of his comfort zone, however, he’s ready to see how his time in the house will go, without compromising who he truly is.

His strengths include determination and adaptability, however, his weaknesses — including physical strength, may hinder his chances in the challenges.

Joass hopes that the other housemates will find him as interesting as his girlfriend does, but he’s also worried that he is too gullible and gets distracted easily.

Joass’ plan is to be strategic in forming alliances and will use his logic to bring people around to his way of thinking.

He’s a softie at heart and hopes that no other housemates will use hurting others as a means to win the game.

His pet peeves include closed-minded people who don’t listen or accept viewpoints against their own.

Although he’s never needed much money to be happy, if he wins the prize money, he’ll have to have a think about what it is that he will do with is — as frankly, he has no idea.

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