Who Is Frillneck on ‘The Masked Singer’ Australia?

The Masked Singer

For the past four weeks, our Mondays and Tuesdays have been spent dissecting clues on The Masked Singer.

Now that there are only three celebrities left in the competition, we’ve become even more enthralled in who the Bushranger, Frillneck and Queen really are.

When it comes to the lizard with the killer singing chops, the clues all point to a performer of stage and screen. While there are plenty of talented male performers in Australia, one particular star seems to fit all the clues. Eddie Perfect.

Perfect was living in New York while writing and performing Beetlejuice the musical on Broadway, however, a casting call for an Australian production of Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 saw him and his family relocate back home just as the coronavirus took hold. This means that he is in the country and available for The Masked Singer.

Let’s dissect the clues and discuss why Eddie Perfect is Frillneck.

Clue 1:  “In life, you never know what the right move is, so I like to task risks. They don’t always pay off but no pain, no gain. And remember, your critics aren’t always right.”

Perfect’s Broadway musical, Beetlejuice was panned by critics, calling it a “disaster”, as was his turn as a songwriter for the Australian musical adaptation of King Kong.

Clue 2: He says he doesn’t “work 9 to 5” and “I’m patriotic – don’t ever question, even success from around the world can’t stop me from returning home.”

Perfect was set to star in the stage musical of 9 to 5 at the Lyric theatre before the global pandemic.

Clue 3: “What I do now wasn’t my first choice of career. Or my second. Or even my third.”

Perfect has been a comedian, an actor, a lyricist and a musical theatre performer.

Clue 4: “Some of it would scare your socks off. It’s hair-raising. But I don’t want you to think of me as some kind of monster”, “Kids see me for what I am. Even though others can’t see me at all,” “Jack Black and I were both fascinated with the same incredible creature but Jack’s exposure was a lot less than mine,” a clue package saw him drinking a glass of tomato juice while playing a game with cockroaches and finally, a black and white striped piece of fabric was seen on a bench during one of the shots.

These are all references to Beetlejuice.

Beetlejuice is “hair-raising” and can only be seen by children and was portrayed by Alex Brightman on the stage, who also starred in Jack Black’s School of Rock. 

The glass of tomato juice and the cockroaches literally translate to “beetle + juice” and the character wears a black and white striped shirt.

Clue 5: A can of “cola” was also shown.

This references his one-man show Drink Pepsi, Bitch.

Clue 6: “Most of my days are spent in solitude, interrupted only by the very worlds I create.”

He is a musician and lyricist and works on his own to write.

Clue 7: “I’ve even put a few words into our Kylie’s mouth. That girl has talent.”

Perfect wrote a song for a Tourism Australia ad featuring Kylie Minogue.

Clue 8: “The Aria days are well behind me.”

He presented an award at the 2010 Aria Music awards.

It’s official! Eddie Perfect is Frillneck!

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