Meet Farmer Sam — The Sheep Farmer Looking for Love on ‘Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2021’

Farmer Sam

Introducing Farmer Sam, a sheep and crop farmer from Canowindra, NSW who is looking for love on Farmer Wants a Wife Australia 2021.

The 25-year-old tried his luck on the dating apps, however, after matching with only three women in a 150km radius (including his neighbour), he’s wanting to find love on a reality TV dating show.

Sam is one of seven siblings so is no stranger to a large family and would love to raise his kids on the beautiful pasture he was raised on.

“I haven’t found love yet, Farmer Sam said in a statement. “I’m the only single one in the family. When you go to family events, they say ‘Are you bringing anyone and I say ‘Nup, just myself!’.”

While going on the show might be daunting in itself, the thought of choosing the wrong woman is what Sam is the most fearful of.

“The thought of sending your potential wife home is terrifying,” he said.

Of course, the keen horseman will have five beautiful women to choose from and is looking for a fun, loving and intelligent woman who has a great sense of humour and shares his passion for farming and adventure.

This year, thousands of applicants tried their luck when they saw this farmer, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find out who he chooses.

Farmer Sam joins Farmer Will, a 39-year-old from Longwood, Victoria, Farmer Rob, a 40-year-old from the Snowy Mountains, NSW, 26-year-old farmer Matt from Orbost, Victoria and 30-year-old Farmer Andrew from Delegate, NSW.

While only two couples from the 2020 Australian series seem to have gone the distance, there are currently 99 marriages and 225 beautiful farmer babies that have come out of the show worldwide.

Maybe this year all five farmers will find who they’re looking for.

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