‘Farmer Wants a Wife’ Farmer Neil Is Looking For His Second Chance at Love

Farmer Wants a Wife

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Farmer Neil Seaman has had his fair share of life’s ups and downs.

The 43-year-old merino sheep farmer from Crookwell, New South Wales, joined Farmer Wants a Wife in hopes of getting a second chance at love.

When Seaman was just 21-years-old, his girlfriend, Francine, was killed in a horrific car accident that not only claimed her life but that of her grandmother. Tragically, he had been behind the wheel, however, it was a drunk driver who hit them, who was at fault.

Moving forward, however, still grief-stricken, Seaman married Sally Ward and had three children, Molly, 18, James, 16 and Josie, 14.

After 15 years of marriage, Ward and Seaman divorced however still remain very good friends — with the whole family, including Ward, supportive of his choice to go on the show. In fact, Seaman took his top ladies to meet Ward during the show, as he feels it’s important that she and whoever he ends up with have mutual respect for one another.

Seaman is now looking for someone who has that special “spark” he once had with both Francine and Ward.

He’s looking for someone who is “honest” and a “team player” and above all, is “family-oriented”.

Farmer Neil also has a lot to offer and in his introduction interview, he said that he brings “teamwork and honesty”.

“Being able to look at your teammates and know that your contribution is, at the very least, fair and at its best, admirable. That counts most when your teammate is also your life partner,” he said.

While he doesn’t want any more children, he’s happy for his potential partner to have her own children, like one blended happy family.

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